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Welcome to the Property Records Agency

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The Real Key Productivity Agency, LLC

Connect & Complete Administrative Consulting

Who Does the Work

Kandi Quillet Thomas complete projects for property records and notary compliance. She works with parcel information, deeds, and plats to ensure this data is communicated effectively.

Her productivity insights are available through the

Everyday Professional Workbook™ and POWER GOALS™ that she created to guide people towards more purposeful results and intentional accountability.

the rkp agency

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the rkp agency

Professional services agencies have specialized knowledge in their area of expertise. Their work improves projects and systems as these consultants provide research, analysis, and solutions that support organizational goals.

Property Records Specialist

document your files

  • parcel data management and parcel data mapping
  • update property information
  • research title concerns involving deeds and plats

Notary Admin

organize your workflow

  • business website and profiles
  • system audit, social media, support for back office setup
  • local area report for unique options and direct contacts
  • project administration for land records and acquisitions
  • strategic planning
  • professional development workshops and guidance

Organizational Consulting

complete your project

the rkp agency

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Almost everything comes with a cost, but value and excellence will always be priceless. The benefits of saving time and enjoying more peace of mind are two of the best investments for your business and your life.

Pricing for consulting is based on service packages or project timelines.

  • $150 for 1-2 services and or projects that can be completed within 3-5 business days
  • $325 for 3-5 services and or projects that can be completed within 7-10 business days
  • $500 for monthly retainers or projects that require 2-4 weeks to be completed

Pricing for notary admin includes website design, branding package, and complete workflow organization.

  • $500 for full service or $250 for 2-3 custom options

Pricing for notary public services, organizational consulting, and contracts are negotiated per agreement.

  • ranging from hourly to annually
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These consultations cost $100 and are a power hour where we discuss your vision and outline the strategic direction for your project. After the session, you will receive the recording and an organized summary guide. This information will include suggestions and next actions.

Behind the Name

the rkp agency

This is Why


The words real key represent the parcel identification number for many land records systems. This is one of the most important aspects of how governments organize what is known as real property to collect taxes, develop areas, and serve communities. This information requires focus and skill to be managed appropriately; and when done well, it can lead to consistently productive increases in growth. Being part of a successful county assessment office that managed property records led Kandi to appreciate the impact of the real key system, and motivated her to learn how to become more productive in life.


After almost 10 years as a GIS Mapping Specialist at the county level, Kandi decided to focus on her interest in providing professional services as a contractor. She finds it most exciting now to apply her experience and skills to organize information systems and also collaborate on opportunities as the co-founder of the Georgia Notary Network, Inc. She is currently completing her graduate degree from Strayer University for the Master of Science in Management, with a concentration in Project Management, as she prepares for PMP certification. She has always enjoyed designing, planning, and completing projects.


The Real Key Productivity Agency is the expression of her career and her purpose being provided through strategic business solutions that become great results. It is her sincere hope and main goal to use what she has been given to improve the projects she completes and inspire the people she connects with, as much as those she knows have done for her. The core of The RKP Agency represents the initials of her sister, Reon, and brother, KP, who were the first two people to talk about business ideas with her and encouraged her to be a leader.

success begins when the goal of excellence surpasses the limits of perfection

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the rkp agency


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